Dakar 2024 is over. Martin Macik Jr., Frantisek Tomasek and David Svanda confirmed the overall first position in the truck category with their fourth place in the last stage. After 23 years, the Dakar gold is coming to the Czech Republic.

Cenda lost a tyre

The first third of the last stage of this year’s Dakar presented the MM Technology team with an obstacle in the form of a damaged tyre. However, the crew managed to change it quickly and then nothing prevented them from riding to the finish. This was the only bump on the road to gold. “Cenda didn’t waver today, the tyre damage is more our fault, in the cabin. The truck is absolutely fine, we are at the finish line and it feels great. I’m happy to the bone how Cenda made it and that we will bring home the most valuable statue!”, shares his current emotions of mechanic David Svanda.

A short stage does not mean easy navigation

Despite the fact that the twelfth stage in the Yanbu area measured significantly less than the previous ones, in terms of navigation it gave the competitors nothing for free. “It was only 174km today, but there was definitely a lot to navigate. I am very happy that we finished and that we won this year’s Dakar. Of course, emotions were flowing as soon as we reached the finish line, but I am still processing it”, shared navigator Frantisek Tomasek.

Family tradition has borne golden fruit

Czechs had to wait 23 years to win the Dakar. This year it is the MM Technology team, led by pilot Martin Macik Jr., who has taken over the imaginary Dakar scepter from Martin Macik Sr. “I am still looking for the right words. We won the Dakar! It was wonderful for the whole team and also for my dad, who is now in charge of the development of our trucks, but the racing passion is still there. I’m glad we’re taking home the gold to the Czech Republic and I’m sure it’ll hit me later. Thank you so much to everyone, our families, the team, sponsors and of course the fans who pushed us to the finish line with their support,” says pilot Martin Macik Jr. as the Czech flag flies behind him and the whole team cheers.