The driver Martin Macik, navigator Frantisek Tomasek and mechanic David Svanda from the private Sedlcany Big Shock! Racing team won the last stage of the Dakar, adding one more stage victory to the previous two and finished Dakar in the excellent 4th place. At the same time, Martin Macik is happy to match the best result of his father, the team boss, Martin Macik, Sr., who in 2010 won 4th place at the Dakar in South America. Big Shock! Racing team delivered great, steady performances throughout the race and at the same time showed a speed that surprised many. The crew was able to win the stage even without the windscreen, wearing ski goggles. The strength of a well-coordinated team, the ability to deal with difficult situations that this year’s extremely demanding Dakar brought, and the energy of their amazing fans eventually brought them the deserved success. This year’s Dakar has confirmed that the Big Shock! Racing team is in great form and ever-improving. More Dakar challenges await!

Fight until the last minute

Today’s twelfth stage leading to Jeddah consisted of 200 sharp kilometres. After yesterday’s difficult day, the crew of the Big Shock! Racing team was visibly tired, perhaps for the first time in the race. Nevertheless, in the last stage, the yellow arrow, which stood for the team truck on the “livetime” map, went straight to the finish without hesitation. In the end, the truck, Charles, and its crew crossed the finish line again first. “The last stage was difficult, we had to race until the last moment. The victory wasn’t for free, but we did it. We won three stages, we are fourth overall! We have proven that we have the speed, that’s important, and we will be here again next year. It will be the 10th Dakar for me, and we will want to once again be among the best. We would like to thank everyone for their incredible support. We owe a big thanks to our families who are with us through it all, our wives and children. Then, of course, to our fans and partners, and to all of you who kept your fingers crossed for us because we wouldn’t be here without you. Plus, we matched my father’s results. We both now have a 4th place in Dakar,” Martin Mack laughed at the finish.

Dakar as it should be

This year’s Dakar was very tough, but it was its level of difficulty that helped the Big Shock! Racing team to do so well. The crew was very happy with the long, hard and difficult stages of navigation. “This year’s Dakar was great for me. Every day, the organizer tried to make the route interesting. There were little traps in the navigation, which we also sometimes got caught in. But that’s exactly what I like. It is great when the route is built by someone who has experience with the race and deliberately prepares orientational tricks,” Frantisek Tomasek praised the organization. At the same time, this year the competitors had to overcome a lot of dangerous dunes and sections that were a big mess. The crew managed to overcome them mainly thanks to Charles, the truck that was built in the team workshops, but also thanks to the huge commitment of the mechanics who worked thoroughly on the truck nearly every night. “We are very happy to be a part of this year’s adventure, after all the years we’ve been a part of Dakar. Three stage victories and the 4th overall place, almost being on the podium, is a heroic result for a private team. The main architect of success is ‘Kocour’, Martin Macik, Sr., the main designer and his years and years of development experience, enthusiasm and boundless energy. The boys in the truck cabin complement each other perfectly. Hats off to Martin and his driving skills, that is something one has to be born with. Frantisek is a navigator and a glue that keeps the team together. David Svanda is incredibly skilled, he was able – in a very short time – to learn about the construction of cars and at the same time endure the crazy rides in the cabin. We are a stable, consistent group of team-oriented people, we know each other, we know what to expect from each other. All these things play a role in the race, everything has to fit together. Only then you can expect results,” the manager of the Big Shock! Racing team, Martin Pabiska, said. He is proud twice as much as he also celebrates the performance of his brother David.

The Big Shock! Racing team would like to thank all the great fans, who always pushed Charles to the finish with their boundless energy, and also to all the reliable partners who support us, and without whom we couldn’t be at the Dakar. We also thank all the partners who are yet to decide to join us in the future. At the next Dakar, the Big Shock! Racing team will try to finish the brilliant job they started. Thank you for being with us!