After many questions about whether the Big Shock Racing team’s announcement released on April 1 was a joke, Martin Macik once again – in all seriousness – confirmed that he will drive a part of the Sumava Rally in the Valtra tractor. His claims are also supported by the organizers of the popular race, which will start on Friday, April 26, and which already has thousands of motorsport fans that cannot wait for it. It is true, we can confirm that we have given permission to the Dakar driver Martin Macik to participate in the 54thRally Sumava Klatovy in a tractor. His ride will certainly be an entertaining one for the audience. We are curious about his final ranking,”said Ing. Pavel Stipek, the Deputy Director of the 54thRally Sumava Klatovy. He also added that Macik will take part in the speed test Klatovsky Circuit – which is very popular among drivers and witnessed a lot of exciting moments. The circuit was founded in 1969, so this year we celebrate its 50thanniversary. Martin’s tractor spurt will be another event and viewers will be able to watch it on Friday, April 26, at two times, once from 2 pm and then from 7 pm. Dakar Pilot Macik will drive a Valtra tractor equipped with NOKIAN tires and will compare his time with other vehicles. “I’m going there to race, of course, I can’t do otherwise, but we also want to have some fun with the fans. My navigator will probably be Jan Brabec, he needs to practice for the next Dakar. Those who know us will also know we do not plan to come in last,”said Macik, who chose Jan Brabec, the Dakar motorcyclist and former motocross driver as a co-pilot. Their vehicle will bear the number 1951, which is the year of production of the first Finnish tractors, from which the Valtra tractors developed over time.

Macík’s challenge will thus be an enrichment of the thrilling car chases on the 54thRally Sumava Klatovy, a competition that is a part of the prestigious Autoklub Championship of the Czech Republic in Rally. The legendary race will take place on traditional Sumava tracks from Friday 26 to Saturday 27 April. A total of 160 race kilometres await the crew in 14 special stages. The audience will be able to watch from the ramp at the end on Saturday around 5 pm.