On Monday, the rally machines did not start their engines at the Dakar. A day off was on the agenda. In the MM Technology team part of the bivouac, however, there was a lively bustle since the morning. Laundry got done and the backs and things in tents and caravans were being straightened. But the mechanics were the ones who had the most work on their hands – they were preparing the trucks made in Sedlcany for the second part of the rally. This part will take the Dakar riders into the dunes of the Empty Quarter, and according to the organizers, it should be even more challenging than the stages covered so far. The pilot Martin Macik has so far won the prologue and has 3 stage victories under his belt. He is also just 47 seconds away from the 3rd position in the overall standings. Therefore, all members of the MM Technology team did their best to ensure that his Cenda truck is perfectly prepared for the ominous dunes.

Do laundry, eat, sleep, get in touch with families and fans

“I’ve been going to the Dakar for 11 years and I’ve never had a day off. I haven’t had a pause since morning. But I managed to get physiotherapy and ate well. The rest of the day I was running around and solved a million things,”describes Martin Macik. During the day off, the crew must prepare everything necessary for the second part of the rally. “We are cleaning helmets, shoes, we are also generally tidying up to keep everything in order here. We are washing overalls because we don’t carry everything spare with us every day. We are keeping in touch with our families and fans. And I’m working on the last details remotely for the talk show Dakar Obsessed, which will be running in February and March,” described Martin Macik, who is already looking forward to the dunes and believes that the organizers will keep their promise. “We are now preparing everything necessary. The remaining stages should be even more challenging than the first part of the rally. We hope that the information from the organizers will be confirmed and now it will be time for the roughest stages of the last Dakar years. Another marathon stage awaits us – in the desert. It’s often crunch time there. It will be interesting, there will be a lot to watch, and we will fight like lions,”promises Macik.

Trucks will drive into the dunes of the Empty Quarter as good as new

Mechanics have been working on Cenda, Martin Macík’s rally truck, as well as on other rally specials built in Sedlcany for Dutch and Italian crews, since Sunday evening. According to the pre-prepared plans of Martin Macik Sr., the head of the MM Technology team and chief designer, they carefully proceeded step by step and changed all the parts of the trucks that come under a lot of stress as a precaution, checking every detail. In the evening, Martin Macik reported: “I have a new Cenda. I’m going to drive it to see if everything works. The mechanic guys deserve real respect.”

To not make mistakes and to have a little luck

Preparation should not be underestimated now. Martin Macik estimates that the durability of the rally machinery will play an important role in the next stages, but it will not only be about the trucks. “The ride will be very tiring because we will have to concentrate as much as possible so as not to make a mistake. It can cost you a lot of time in the dunes. Navigation will also be important. You don’t want to take a wrong turn on those really big hills. It will be about mistakes, about technique and about luck. It will be very challenging,” Martin Macik is excited and estimates that the fans will get an adrenaline-filled development of the race.