Big Shock! Racing Team is going to have two racing trucks at the start of the 2022 Dakar Rally. Czech Dakar fans will surely be happy with the crews – old acquaintances will get in the cabs of Sedlcany truck specials. The tried-and-tested Charles will be driven by Martin Macik, for whom this will be the 10th Dakar. He will be supported by the well-coordinated efforts of navigator Frantisek Tomasek and mechanic David Svanda. The new and improved Arnold will be driven by Martin Soltys, with Roman Krejci in the navigator’s seat and the technical support of the mechanic Jakub Jirinec. Even though there is still a lot of work to be done before the Dakar, all the Big Shock! Racing Team members are already looking forward to the January joint ride in the legendary long-distance race.

We must help each other

For several years, the Big Shock! Racing Team has been striving for the opportunity to send two racing trucks to the Dakar Rally. This year’s success, the 4th place and 3 stage victories, helped to fulfil the wishes of the team and many fans alike. A new racing special was built and an experienced crew was invited. “We love Martin Soltys, we are in regular contact at the races. Martin has a lot of experience, we sat down and we managed to find a common ground. He then chose Jakub Jirinec, with whom he collaborates. When looking for a navigator, happy circumstances led us to Roman Krejci. That’s a fantastic line-up for me. We were happy to welcome the boys to the team and I believe that we will do well,” the team boss, Martin Macik, Sr. reported. Two tuned specials, built in the Sedlcany workshops by the MM Technology mechanical team according to the development of Martin Macik, Sr. will support each other on the track of the next year’s Dakar Rally. “Having two trucks in the race is definitely an advantage. If everything goes according to plan, Martin and I will try to go as far forward as possible and at the same time be in sight of each other. We will keep an eye on each other and help each other, too. If anything happens on the track, we stop, pull each other out of the dune, help with repairs, share spare parts or tires,” Martin Macik explained. Both crews are planning joint training rides before the Dakar. Arnold’s on-board mechanic Jakub Jirinec has also joined the team in Sedlcany workshops, where he spends long days getting to know the new truck well to be able to cope with repairs during the rally.

The new crew is looking forward to their first cabover-truck ride

For Martin Macik’s crew, it will be their third Dakar together. Tomasek will navigate Macik for the seventh time. They know each other well, and everyone knows what to expect. Martin Soltys with Roman Krejci and Jakub Jirinec have been getting along well so far. “We’ve just had the first crew meeting. I think the cooperation will be good. I’m glad that Roman Krejci is going with us, he already has experience from Dakar. He was in the motorcycle category without assistance, so he doesn’t get stressed easily. I believe he won’t have any problems with the truck,” Martin Soltys said. This will be his fifth Dakar and Roman Krejci’s third. Krejci has the reputation of a responsible and friendly race driver and is known for his willingness to help others, so he will certainly be a valuable support for the crew. Frantisek Tomasek will introduce him to the secrets of truck navigation. At the moment, new team members are most looking forward to trying out the new truck special for the first time. “We haven’t ridden in it yet. Everything is very new. So far, we have only seen Arnold in the workshops. We will wait until the boys in Sedlcany fix the truck after returning from the Rally du Maroc. Then, we’ll start training. I’m curious about the cabover truck, that’ll be new for me. But I believe that Martin tested the truck well in Morocco, so everything will work and the new modifications will prove successful in Dakar,” Martin Soltys said.

The expansion of the racing team is also related to the strengthening of the service background. The Big Shock! Racing Team will send new accompanying vehicles to the next Dakar, and the number of mechanics will also increase to provide corresponding technical service. According to preliminary reports, the teams should hand over their race cars to the organizers in Marseille, from where they will be transported by ferry to Saudi Arabia, at the end of November / beginning of December. Until then, the mechanics will be working hard to prepare the trucks perfectly.

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