The Dakar Rally starts in 7 weeks. Martin Macík, the pilot of the racing truck, is preparing for his 11th Dakar. The organizers promise an even more challenging and extreme race than the previous ones. Its route will take the Dakar participants from the beaches of the Red Sea to the treacherous mountain terrains and through the unexplored dunes of the Empty Quarter, one of the largest deserts in the world, where the competitors will experience three demanding days. This year, there will be two more stages, totalling 14 stages. But before Martin Macík and his crew get ready at the start of the legendary race, there are several important events. And others are scheduled after the end of the race. When are the teams expected at scrutineering? When are they leaving for Saudi Arabia? Is it possible to meet with the Czech competitors in person before the event? What about the talk shows Dakar Obsessed? For motorsport fans, who every year in their diaries mark the beginning of January as “The Dakar,” we have a list of important dates to add to the calendars.

Vehicles Leave for the Dakar and Meeting with Fans at Sedlcany Square

On Sunday 27 November, Martin Macík will meet with the fans at the square in Sedlcany. All team vehicles will be there – racing truck Cenda, the truck they live in during the Dakar, and the Iveco service trucks. All vehicles will be fully ready for the Dakar Rally 2023. Directly from the square, the convoy will set off to the French port of Marseille, where they will board the ferry to Saudi Arabia.

Scrutineering in Marseille

Before the ferry, carrying the fastest and most durable Dakar vehicles, sets off to Yambu, the first part of scrutineering will take place already in Marseille. Between 28 and 30 November, the organizers will check the technical and safety parameters of all racing and assistance vehicles.

Departure to the Dakar Rally, Shakedown, Scrutineering

In December, the team members will enjoy their last free days. The quiet before the storm will not take long. This year, the Dakar team leaves for Saudi Arabia on 28 December. Immediately after the teams arrive in Saudi Arabia, between 29 and 30 December, the competitors will warm up at Shakedown, and their vehicles will undergo the second part of scrutineering.

New Year’s Eve Start

On 31 December, the Dakar competitors will get in the cabins, enjoy the start podium ceremony, and start into the Prologue, which will decide their starting position in Stage 1. Then it will be a furious Dakar drive full of surprises and unexpected situations. The competitors will enjoy some rest only on 8 January during the Rest Day. The most durable cars whose crews will manage to overcome all the dangers of the track and who will have luck on their side will cross the finish line on 15 January. 

Return to the Czech Republic and Talk Shows Dakar Obsessed

Martin Macík and his team are returning to the Czech Republic already on 16 January, so he can be with his family and meet the fans at the talk shows Dakar Obsessed. The distinctive talk shows will take place between 3 February and 26 March at ten venues in Bohemia, Moravia, and Bratislava. The documentary summarizing the key moments of Dakar 2023 and the new experiences of the people personally involved is a must-see. The tickets are now on sale, but the availability is limited. Many Dakar fans already have the tickets on their Christmas Wishlist. More information at