Dakar Obsessed 2021 Open Air

21/08/2021 from 1:00 PM, racing vehicles area accessible from 11:00 AM.

The driver Martin Macik, navigator Frantisek Tomasek, mechanic David Svanda and Big Shock! Racing team bring you loads of experiences and fun stories from Dakar 2021! Do not miss the third year of the distinctive talk show Dakar Obsessed. Come and enjoy the chills while watching exclusive videos from critical moments of the race, laugh hard after hearing the behind-the-scenes stories, and see all the racing specials with your own eyes. Get charged by the wave of energy created while the Czech racing team meets their fans. Learn about the racing team from Sedlčany that builds their trucks and the extraordinary power that enables them to beat big manufacturers’ teams in the world’s most extreme race. Dakar is not only about the drivers running through the deserts. The same important are those who are cheering and supporting them. More info at www.posedlidakarem.cz

The Maciks invite fans to their home Sedlčany

The members of Big Shock Racing! Team have recently won the Spanish Baja Aragon; soon, they are about to participate in an event they have been looking forward to for a very long time. On the 21st of August, they will finally meet fans in their home base in Sedlčany basin. The Talk Show Dakar Obsessed will give the audience a close look at the thrilling January’s experience in Dakar. Martin Macik and his crew managed to win wonderful 4th place for the Czech Republic in this legendary race. The racing team from Sedlčany also won 3 stages, worked out all the critical moments on the route, and gave their competitors from manufacturer’s racing teams a tough time. In addition to the distinctive storytelling, the audience is going to enjoy authentic videos from Saudi Arabia.

Live the adrenaline moments of this year’s Dakar with us.

“A few days ago, I saw the movie document from Dakar 2021, and the adrenaline worked on me immediately. The shots from the cab reminded me of the extreme situations, the crazy marathon stage, the moments when we got lost, or our victory without the windscreen. I had chills, and I believe that the audience about to see us in Sedlčany, will feel the same. We invite all the fans of Dakar as well as inhabitants of Sedlčany to our Dakar Obsessed Talk Show. Meeting in person is always the best,” says the driver Martin Macik and adds that there are plenty of stories they haven’t told yet to their fans, but there will be plenty of time for them on this event. However, there also will be new experiences waiting for the fans in the area of the Sedlčany basin. Besides the movie documentary, they can enjoy a drive in the famous racing trucks called Charles and Frank, take a look at their famous motorhome truck, Liaz truck that serves as a base for the whole team during a race, and the entire fleet of assistance cars. They can also experience driving in the racing simulator, and those who will be lucky can enjoy a ride with Martin in his racing special. On the racing track, the members of the junior program MM Dakar will also show their rides. Of course, the fans will have a chance to get an autograph of all the team members and get a photo together.

From Sedlčany right to Baja Poland

“We are going to charge with new energy on the Dakar Obsessed, and right after the event, we have to pack and go straight to Baja Poland.” Says navigator Frantisek Tomasek. On the 26th of August, the Big Shock! Racing team is going to start the three-day-long Polish rally. “We need to ride as many sharp kilometers and race kilometers as possible before Dakar 2022. Every start counts. The European races are important for the crew and development of our technologies. At this moment, we have a couple of other trucks almost done in our workshop, and we used our experience of the last 20 years for their creation. We believe that we are going to see them on the track soon,” adds Martin Macik Sr, the head of the team.


For more information, go to www.posedlidakarem.cz