There are six months left until the 2023  Dakar, but preparations for the legendary long-distance race are already in full swing. Martin Macik’s crew is looking forward to a racing warm-up during the upcoming Baja Aragon Rally. The mechanics of the MM Technology centre in Sedlcany are still working on the production of several new cars. There is a lot of interest in racing trucks built by the group of Czech Dakar developers. This week, the Dutch Firemen Dakarteam was handed Arnold over in Sedlcany – the truck in which Martin Soltys experienced his Big Shock! Racing Dakar debut this year. Martin Macik’s crew has not yet decided which truck they will choose for the next Dakar – there are several options.

Richard and Arnold are a perfect match

“Yesterday, we said goodbye to Arnold; we are glad it is in good hands. He will join the Dakarteam Firemen crew at the next Dakar. The driver, Richard de Groot, has already managed the truck several times in Sedlcany. You could tell they are a perfect match,” the driver Martin Macik said.

The Dutch team already has their own accompanying vehicles and several mechanics ready for the new truck. They also got some basic spare parts in Sedlcany to be as self-sufficient as possible within the basic service. Nevertheless, based on positive references from other teams, they want to maintain a close relationship with the Sedlcany mechanics and developers. The teams will also work together during the races they will take part in together. MM Technology will also provide professional supervision, especially concerning special parts.

“I have one more fresh piece of news. The boys from the Dutch team liked the Sedlcany terrain so much that the crew of the Firemen Dakarteam decided to return on July 2 for the “Obsessed with Dakar” to show Czech fans how they get along with Arnold,“ Martin Macik added.

Challenging decision: which truck to choose for the Dakar?

It will probably not surprise anyone that Martin Macik, who is already preparing for his 11th Dakar, will be accompanied by his experienced crew, navigator Frantisek Tomasek and mechanic David Svanda, next year. The team won 4th place in 2021. However, it is not yet decided which car they will take to the 2023 Dakar. One thing is certain: it will be made in Sedlcany. Several finished trucks are already parked in the team garage, others are in their foreign colleagues’ garages. New ones are being worked on intensively in the workshops of the MM Technology Centre. “We are still working at the fast pace we set last year. Thanks for that to everyone involved. I am glad that there is such an interest in our technology, but we have to make several right decisions at once to manage everything and succeed in Dakar with both our crew and client technology. This year we are working directly on three specials, two with a diesel engine and one with an electric one, which we started on in previous years. It is a really complicated development that our entire technology team is working on,” Martin Macik, Sr., Head of MM Technology, reported.

Despite a lot of work, everyone from the Big Shock! Racing team is looking forward to upcoming rallies. The crew plans for a fast-paced training during the Baja Aragon in July. In September, they will take part in the Baja Poland, and in October, in the Rally du Maroc.