The Big Shock! Racing team driver Martin Macik has already achieved a lot this year. In January, he successfully finished the Dakar Rally, winning three stage victories in the legendary race and a valuable fourth overall position. Immediately after returning from Saudi Arabia, he prepared an online show Prologue: Obsessed with Dakar for the fans, based on uncut onboards from Dakar, which met with great enthusiasm. Then the 31-year-old driver received the 2020 Golden Steering Wheel, an award given to the best Czech race driver. The members of his well-coordinated team have a great share in everything that Martin has managed in the previous weeks, but let’s not forget the fans. “I keep saying we have the best fans. They are kind, positive, they’re fun and they support us a lot. At Dakar, they always push us to the finish line, we enjoy practice drives and events that we organize for them together. I have been trying to give back all the incredible energy they supply us with, all year round,” Martin Macik said.

We have the Golden Steering Wheel

“I really appreciate the support of motorsport fans, journalists and our partners. I think the results of the 2020 Golden Steering Wheel show that Dakar’s popularity is rising. I can see how our numbers on social networks are growing every year. More and more people are watching our videos from the race, we are amazed at how many messages people send us. Fans can’t wait for January to dive into it with us,” Martin Macik added. The thrilling marathon full of unexpected events captivates millions of spectators around the world for 14 days each year. Dakar has a tradition in the Czech Republic, but recently it has also gained a lot of new fans who are passionate about a great rally adventure and keep their fingers crossed for Czech racers. “We try to represent the Czech Republic and show that even a private Czech team can develop and manufacture quality racing vehicles and reach the finish line along with the world’s fastest cars. I think that this year’s Dakar was also a welcomed distraction for a lot of and became a great opportunity to relax and improve their mood,” Macik concluded.

The Obsessed with Dakar ‘Gang’ is growing

After returning from Dakar, Martin Macik had to move the sold-out live discussions Obsessed with Dakar to July. In just a couple of days, he prepared a live online broadcast of Prologue: Obsessed with Dakar for the fans, which was a huge success. The recording will be available on Ticketstream until 28 February. Martin Macik, with navigator Frantisek Tomasek and mechanic David Svanda, comments on uncut shots from the most dramatic parts of the race, recorded by cameras placed directly in the cab of the racing truck. At the same time, the crew handed out a lot of gifts to the fans, including Frantisek Tomasek’s unwashed Dakar overalls. “We watched and drove with you for a bit. We still have sand and dust in the living room and we had to pop a Dramamine for breakfast :). It was great. Thank you. And then came the Big Shock. For someone who has never won anything, not even at the firefighter ball in the raffle, this was big… As a result, you were 4th overall, which is great. But I won the Dakar yesterday,” said the note from the fan who got the navigator’s overalls. During the broadcast, the Big Shock! Racing team’s boss Martin Macik, Sr. also partially unveiled the construction plans of a new racing truck and revealed what it will be called.

We remain optimistic and are preparing for the next racing season

The Big Shock! Racing team believes that the current season will be more varied than the previous one, that it will be possible to race again in long-distance competitions Baja Poland, Baja Aragon, Rallye du Maroc or Morocco Desert Challenge, in which the Sedlcany crew regularly participates. They are looking forward to going to Africa for test drives, accompanied by friends and team supporters. Everyone remains optimistic and continues to work hard. As soon as the situation allows, Macik will start implementing all planned activities, joint practice and drives with fans, and the show Obsessed with Dakar. He also believes that after this year’s success, they will be able to get new partners for the 2022 Dakar, who will contribute to making the team special, Charles, even faster, or so that another Sedlcany racing truck can join it at the start.