Big Shock! Racing’s Dakar driver Martin Macik has won the Golden Steering Wheel award for the second year. Fans and motorsport journalists, who voted in the poll, praised his performance at the 2021 Dakar, where he finished in fourth place overall in the truck category and also managed to win three stages. “I am very happy about the award. But, it’s not just for me, it’s for our whole team. I have an excellent company in the truck cab, Frantisek Tomasek is currently one of the best Dakar navigators, and the onboard mechanic David Svanda knows our truck down to the last screw. A lot of credit also goes to our other mechanics and their skills, commitment and ability to stay awake for a couple of days. Dad’s experience from twenty Dakar races and his natural authority are also important. Our fans supply us with great energy, and they stand by us through thick and thin. Last but not least, we couldn’t do it without our partners either, they are the reason we can keep doing what we love. I would like to thank everyone,” Martin Macik said.                 

Only good memories are left, and I wish everyone could experience it

Martin Macik was awarded the Golden Steering Wheel for his drive in the 2021 Dakar, where he managed to win the special stage for the first time in nine years. The Sedlcany team repeated the same result the following day when Martin’s crew drove for the stage win wearing ski goggles, after losing their windscreen on the track. The Czech crew then finished the demanding marathon race with another victory in the final stage. Martin Macik’s fourth place equalled the best result of his dad, the head of the Big Shock! Racing, Martin Macik, Sr., who finished in fourth place at the 2010 Dakar in South America. “Those who have not experienced the Dakar first-hand can hardly imagine how physically and mentally demanding it is, how big of a role chance can play, how important it is to be able to support each other, even if nerves and egos sometimes get the best of us. But, when everything comes together, suddenly, the hardships are forgotten, and you are left with only great memories. I wish everyone could experience it,” Macik confessed and added that there are still more Dakar rallies to come in the future.

What’s next? Hard work in the workshops, thorough testing, and summer with the fans

The legendary long-distance rally requires preparation and development that never ends. At the moment, Martin Macik is already preparing for the next run. Based on this year’s experience from Dakar and the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, when things did not go as expected, it was necessary to modify the racing technique and test the new features thoroughly. In July, Macik plans to compete at the Baja Aragon rally, followed by Baja Poland and Rallye du Maroc. The MM Technology facility in Sedlcany, where the race trucks are being developed, is therefore currently running at full capacity. New collaborations or events are also planned for the fans, who are a vital support for the Big Shock! Racing team. It is in response to their numerous requests that Martin Macik decided to organize the summer events ‘Obsessed with Dakar Open Air’. The events will take place on 2 July in Sedlcany and 30 July in Prerov, and will allow motorsport enthusiasts to meet the team members in person, talk about anything that interests them and see the Dakar racing trucks in action with their own eyes.

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