The first stage of this year’s Dakar has been shortened to 281 km due to a postponed start. In a terrain full of sharp rocks, which cost the MM Technology crew one tyre, Martin Macik Jr., Frantisek Tomasek and David Svanda finished 12 minutes behind stage winner Janus Van Kasteren.

Sharp rocks don’t scare Cenda

The slow start of the stage, which started two hours later than originally planned, was to the liking of the factory truck Cenda. On a difficult track full of sharp rocks, the MM Technology crew lost only one tyre, which they quickly replaced and with the change of terrain set a briskerpace. As a result, the team successfully completed the shortened first stage, losing just 12 minutes to the winning truck. “The first 150 km was great, even though we left one tyre in that moon-like landscape. But you have to account for that in this terrain. But Cenda is in good shape, everything was working, so we made it to the end with no problems at all,” says mechanic David Svanda.

A fast and technical stage got the crew pumped up
Throughout the stage, the crew of the orange truck faced diverse terrain and heavy traffic on the track. “It was fast and technical, so we had to really use our heads. As we came out of the rocks, we hit the gas to make up the time we lost by changing a tyre. We found a few shortcuts and passed De Baar, so in the end we’re quite happy. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s stage, it’s 450 km long, we will make up the time lost there”, sums up the crew’s feelings from the first round of the fierce competition pilot Martin Macik Jr.