On Monday, the Dakar racers set off for stage 2 from Al Wajh to Neom. Charles, a truck built in the Big Shock Racing team in Sedlcany and piloted by the experienced crew: Macik, Tomasek, Svanda, got into the TOP 5 at the beginning with ease. Although a tire had to be replaced, the yellow truck reached the finish line in the excellent 4th place. Overall, Macik’s crew is in 5th place. The team of the three Czech drivers reported that they are going to accelerate gradually and that they still have hidden reserves, yet they move fast through the rankings among the dreaded Kamaz trucks.

Jan Brabec, the motorcycle driver of the Big Shock Racing team, also delighted Czech fans with a nice ride finishing on the 32nd place and the 30th in the overall ranking. He also considers the opening part of the race to be a test run. He did a part of the 2nd stage on one leg to relieve the operated knee, enjoying the ride, not stressing over anything. This might be why he has not experienced any errors in navigation yet, and he keeps improving his ranking.

Macik checks on the TOP 5

Before the 2nd stage, which the crew of Martin Macik finished in a great 4th stage place and 5thoverall place, the Big Shock Racing team mechanics managed to get some sleep. Charles, Martin Macik’s racing special, arrived at the bivouac after the first stage in good condition. The navigator Frantisek Tomasek had less work in the evening because he got the roadbook to the 2nd stage just before the start and had only 15 minutes to study it. Nevertheless, his navigation during stage 2 was reliable and recorded only one major navigational misunderstanding. Martin Macik held the steering wheel firmly in his hands, and David Svanda had nothing to repair. “We did great. We only had one extra road trip when we were returning for one point we originally thought we had. Today, there was a lot of dust, after we drove behind a buggy into a hole and went into the air. We were in the air for a while, but we went back down well, the car withstood it and drove on. Towards the end, we made the fastest tire change we can remember. Charles is going really well,” Martin Macik described the stage.

Brabec’s carefree ride on one leg

Jan Brabec improved again in the second stage and reached the finish in the nice 32nd place, overall he holds the 30th position. It seems that for Jan, getting up early is the worst thing about Dakar. Motorcycle riders leave the bivouac early in the morning, and in addition to the fact that it is difficult for him to wake up shortly after 3 a.m., early crossings are also very cold. Jan Brabec does not like either, as it makes him feel the iron screws in his operated leg. “I went on one leg today. The track was all rocks. I do not push myself, I don’t care about the result after what happened to my leg. That’s why I’m doing well. I made no mistakes in navigation. I feel that I still miss about a month of extra training. But at least it will be fun, I will take it easy and enjoy it,” Jan Brabec reported on the way to the well-deserved lunch from the bivouac.

Video from 2nd stage this!