Big Shock Racing team bivouac was busting at the seams at the Mogul Dakar meeting in Sosnová, as Martin Macík, Jan Brabec and other members welcomed crowds of fans. They had the opportunity to ride with Martin in the Liaz or joke around with Brabčák. The entire supply of 1000 signature cards created specifically for the Mogul Dakar meeting disappeared faster than anyone would have expected. Once again, it was confirmed in Sosnováthat Czechs like Dakar and are able to generate an incredible amount of support for the teams.

The Big Shock Racing team arrived in Sosnová on Saturday. Martin Macík and Jan Brabec did some test runs on the local track before an evening celebration of the team’s boss’ (Martin Macík Sr.) birthday. But early in the morning on Sunday, it was showtime again. The autodrome  grounds began to fill quickly with Dakar fans and the bivouac and track came alive. Big Shock Racing’s camp was filled with great atmosphere – the kind that is created when people with the same passion meet. The team prepared a chillout lounge with a DJ for their fans, there was a bar and a team merchandise shop, lots of signatures were given and equally many photos were taken with the drivers – it was even possible to see and touch all the Dakar vehicles. The enthusiastic fans gave a lot of positive energy to the teams. “We would like to thank everyone who came to meet us in Sosnová. We were again made sure that Dakar has the best supporters in the Czech Republic and we are very happy with it,”said Martin Macík, who also managed several exhibition rides during the day and each time let a couple of fans join him in the cabin. “Whoever rides with my in Franta, will never forget it. The adrenaline ran high and I think everyone will happily think back to our rides in Sosnová,he laughed.

Jan Brabec also showed a great deal of responsibility in preparation for and during the Dakar meeting. He had already used the practice rides on Saturday for a rigorous training and would not get off the bike for hours. “I enjoyed it. It was a beautiful Saturday, so I managed to do about 180 km on the local circuit to get some training done,”said Brabec. “And Sunday was absolutely epic. I couldn’t believe how many people came to see us. Great atmosphere, it was fun with Mates and Ferry again was fun, so for me, it was a brilliant weekend,”he concluded.

For the first time since returning from Peru and the 2019 Dakar rally, almost all Czech racers, bikers, truck drivers and others had a chance to meet in Sosnová. Fans were excited by the presence of Jean-Louis Schlesser (director of the Africa Eco Race), by historic cars, and also the junior drivers. Eventually, over 6,500 fans of motorsport, strong machines and adrenaline adventures visited Mogul Dakar Meeting in Sosnová.