The Dakar Rallye 2020 has officially ended. Pilot Martin Macik, navigator Frantisek Tomasek and mechanic David Svanda from Big Shock Racing team, got Charles, their yellow Iveco truck, successfully across the finishing line; and they did great. In the last, 12th stage, the Czech competitors finished in the wonderful 3rd place and won a great 5th position in the overall ranking. The Big Shock Racing became the best private team in the category. Martin Macik and his crew managed to put all energy, driving and navigation skills into the last difficult dune stages. On the track, the crew always managed to cope with unexpected situations. With his balanced ride, Macik managed to repeat his best Dakar result of 2018. The Czech racers confirmed again that they are one of the best in their category. Charles, the team special, developed and built by the team boss Martin Macik, Sr. in the Sedlcany workshops, proved to be very successful at his first start in the most demanding rally when he kept the pace with other, factory-made vehicles.

Jan Brabec also did well this year. The very fact that after a serious injury in May, several subsequent operations, a summer spent in the wheelchair and demanding rehabilitation, he managed to stand at the start of this year’s Dakar, is a success. He finished the race in 54th place overall and in 31st stage position, a result with which he is immensely pleased. Neither crashes, nor broken handlebars managed to stop Jan Brabec on his way to the finish.

For the Big Shock Racing team, however, the Dakar adventure will continue after returning to the Czech Republic. At the Obsessed with Dakar events that will take place in January and February, the drivers and other team members will meet fans in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Bratislava, Jablonec, Ceske Budejovice, Zlin and other cities. The fans can look forward to stories, videos and other interesting details from this year’s Dakar, for which there was no space during the race itself. The project ‘Respect Road – I do not race on the road’, which Martin Macik is preparing together with the RMD CR, will be a part of these events, too.      

Martin Macik’s happy Dakar

The crew of Martin Macik gave had been giving balanced results during all stages. They were able to cope with a broken clutch, blown tires, or finishing one of the stages only with the rear-wheel-drive. The Czech competitors were also driven by the unbelievable support of their fans and families. “We are at the finish and we are happy. We reached the overall result due to our careful, calm approach. We succeeded, we were 3rd in the finish of the last stage, and we’re 5th overall, feeling good and satisfied. Both of my teammates from the cabin were absolutely great. Frantisek navigated brilliantly, we did not wander, he was certain of what he was doing. David could cope whenever needed. The atmosphere in the cabin was cheerful. The mechanics were working hard day and night, so I would like to thank them for that. The whole team worked like a well-oiled machine and everyone was in a good mood. Charles did great, it sailed the final heavy dunes smoothly. Many thanks to all the fans who kept their fingers crossed and whose messages always gave us new energy. Thanks to all our partners and families at home,” Martin Macik reported. Now, he is looking forward to seeing his wife and a newborn daughter.

Brabec in the finish with screws in his knee

This year’s Dakar was a big test for the Big Shock Racing motorcyclist Jan Brabec. He had a hard time walking with his injured knee that had undergone surgery, but he always came to life on his bike. Maybe thanks to health restrictions, he got to the finish of this year’s Dakar successfully in piece and with ease. “I finished the last stage of Dakar, after everything I’ve been through the past year. I drove with greater ease, saving my knee to last until the very finish, trying to spread the weight equally. Navigation worked well for me this year. But it’s Dakar, sometimes you can’t avoid falls here. I’m glad I made it and I would like to thank everyone who had been helping and supporting me,” Jan Brabec said.

Watch the video from the 12th stage!