Big Shock Racing team boss Martin Macik, Sr. told us about all the commotion taking place in the Sedlcany workshops at the moment. Why did they have to free up some of the workspace? How does the lockdown affect the work on racing trucks? What changes has Charles gone through? How is the new truck coming along? Find out what is going on in the Big Shock Racing team during lockdown!

Martin, what is currently happening in the Sedlcany workshops?

We are all healthy and working on preparations for the new season. We used the break to clear up more the space for a new project. We throw away unnecessary things and make room for new technology.

Are you working on Charles? What changes are you making?

Charles is going through a thorough maintenance, due to the forced break, which was originally planned to take place after testing. The body is being modified to relieve and ease the handling of spare tires, the location of fire extinguishers and overall easier access. The engine is being tested and the manual gearbox is replaced with a new one, albeit of the same type. The biggest change was the new suspension, in order to unify the whole system. Due to the conditions in Saudi Arabia, where it is colder and the sand has a different structure, we need to adjust the surface painting of the parts and some materials. The car returned from Dakar completely covered in sand.

How does the lockdown affect the work of mechanics?

As we strive to observe internal discipline, we meet in limited numbers, only the team members, so the lockdown does not restrict us too much while working in the workshops. However, it fundamentally influences our activities and business. During this period, we usually organize a number of events for individuals and companies, as well as discussions and events with fans or partners. All this, we will miss this year.

How is the new truck construction coming along?

Due to the coronavirus crisis, and thus the opportunity to focus on Charles, the project of a new racing truck is currently being carried out only on the computer.  The new special will have a lot of modifications compared to Charles and we are forced to produce some brand new parts. The frame and the entire chassis are ready. We also delivered the same chassis to the Netherlands, where a similar Dakar truck will be built. When we are done working on Charles, we will resume working on the new special again.

What plans do you have with this new truck?

The plans were clear: Dakar 2021, but now the situation has changed and we have to postpone everything due to the current limitations. After all, we take part in events worldwide, including revenue and production parts. Everything is therefore slightly delayed…

Are there any news regarding the team?

Yes, quite big, we have been working on a new project since November. Once the coronavirus crisis has passed, we will be ready to introduce it.

How do you see the development of this year’s racing season?

I cannot predict the future, but we hope that this nightmare is going to be over soon, the virus will disappear of become a part of us all like other viruses, and event organizers will want to go ahead with planned races. We are looking forward to summer and autumn; the race must go on…