The 2023 Dakar Rally is fast approaching. The bivouac on the coast, where the long-distance competitors gathered, still has a pleasant atmosphere. Pilot Martin Macik, navigator Frantisek Tomasek and mechanic David Svanda managed to warm up during the shakedown on Thursday when they tested the condition of their rally truck. At the same time, they collected all the necessary stamps at the administrative and technical scrutineering. Now nothing prevents the crew of the MM Technology team from hitting the track. The first racing kilometers already await them on Saturday – on New Year’s Eve. In the 11-kilometer prologue they will try to maintain a favorable starting position for Sunday’s 1st stage.

The Dakar warm-up was pleasing

On Thursday, the pilot Martin Macik took one last long sleep. But immediately after breakfast, together with navigator Frantisek Tomasek and mechanic David Svanda, they set off for the shakedown. There they used the opportunity to check the condition of their rally truck in the local terrain, on the sandy track that the organizers had prepared for the competitors not far from the bivouac. “We drove quite a lot, we did about 4 circuits. Cenda worked great. The chassis, the engine, all the pressures and temperatures as they should be. We fine-tuned a few more details with the guys, for example the seat belts in the cabin,” said Martin Macik after the shakedown ride. His new racing truck named Cenda was developed during this year according to the designs of Martin Macik Sr., the head of MM Technology. The greater part of the car is based on years of proven development and the innovations should ensure greater comfort for the crew while driving, as well as the ability to breeze through more demanding terrains at higher speeds. “We can now afford to drive very fast even on a more difficult track without our backs taking the punishment. Driving is always limited by the durability of the car and the comfort of the crew. And now we have pushed the human limits a bit again,”explains on-board mechanic David Svanda. Other technical improvements of the new truck should make it easier for the crew to change tires, for example. The design of Cenda is also special and was partially taken care of by the fans. They decorated the rear hood with their messages and signatures. Symbolically, they will ride the Dakar together with the crew. Martin Macik thoroughly tested his new truck in October’s Rallye du Maroc, where he tried to push it to the limits as much as possible to show all its weaknesses. Cenda proved itself and even won the Moroccan race. The second round of tests then took place in Poland, just before the departure of all the equipment for the Dakar. Thursday’s ride to the shakedown was therefore more of a welcomed formality. Members of MM Technology believe that Cenda is well prepared for the Dakar.

All stamps collected, the scrutineering is successfully behind us

From the shakedown, Martin Macik’s team went straight to the administrative and technical scrutineering. These weren’t as fun as the test drives, but they also went smoothly. “We went to all the stations, collected necessary stamps, stood in lines. Only Ferry’s HANS didn’t pass during the technical scrutineering because a string was a little bit torn. But luckily, we have a spare one, so we just replaced it. We also provided documentation for a few little things that we were missing in Marseille. In the evening we properly scrubbed Cenda. And now we’re done,” Macik described their day. The MM Technology team is therefore ready for Dakar 2023 and can enjoy the last quiet moments remaining before the start. “There is a pleasant atmosphere in the bivouac. We met a lot of competitors here. We love to chat with everyone. We are meeting new people. But now we’re going to have dinner, take a bath and go to sleep,”said Martin Macik.

The members of the MM Technology team will thus spend the last hours remaining until Saturday’s prologue with calm minds. They have already completed their pre-start duties and are looking forward to the Dakar finally starting.