Big Shock Racing team members are back home after successfully completing Dakar. The driver Martin Macik together with navigator Frantisek Tomasek and onboard mechanic David Svanda were the best-ranked Czech team – they won 5th place in the trucks category. Big Shock Racing also became the best private team in the category. Moreover, Jan Brabec on the motorcycle managed to finish the most challenging rally in a great 54th place, despite an injury he had sustained in the accident in Africa last year, and after which he still has a few screws in his knee. Although the team should now take a well-deserved rest, they are doing exactly the opposite. Not only pleasant parental responsibilities awaited Martin Macik at home, but also the latest organizational work connected with the Obsessed with Dakar sessions, which will take place all over the Czech Republic at the end of January. The team mechanics also have a lot of new insights after this year’s Dakar. Charles, Martin Macik’s special, will undergo several major modifications. At the same time, the development of another truck is already in progress in the Sedlcany team’s workshops. Martin’s project ‘Respect Road – I do not race on the road’ will also continue, which, with the support of RMD CR, helps to raise awareness about consideration and respect on our roads.

Preparations for the next Dakar start

Martin Macik with Frantisek Tomasek and David Svanda represented the Czech colours at this year’s Dakar proudly and successfully, they fought until the last stage and managed to overcome a series of obstacles. On the track, they managed to change the steering connection rod, finished a stage with unhooked cabin or the rear-wheel-drive only. This year, the crew got to change nine tires in total during the rally. Despite all this, they were in the TOP 5 for most of the race. “We won a great 5th place and I am grateful for that because the team has done a lot of work. I wish everyone could experience the atmosphere both in our bivouac and in the cabin. The mechanics always did their best, they worked every day from dusk till dawn. It really is not easy to have a team like this. Our fans, partners and families also deserve big thanks, because their support was incredible and we really appreciate it. We are happy with this year’s Dakar,” Martin Macik said. Jan Brabec is also satisfied with his Dakar performance, given the events of last year. “I made the most of it this year on Dakar. I was prepared as well as possible in my situation. I would like to thank everyone who supported me, and to myself for not giving up,” Jan said about this year’s Dakar. Immediately after the team returns to the Czech Republic, planning and preparation for the next Dakar begin. There will, again, be space for new collaborations, partners and adventures.

Obsessed with Dakar: re-living the experience with fans

Immediately after returning to the Czech Republic, the Big Shock Racing team will start another Dakar caravan. This time, however, it will head to meet Czech fans. The team will make stops in Brno, Prague, Ostrava, Zlin and other cities with the interactive talk show series ‘Obsessed with Dakar’. Their fans can look forward to a great deal of adrenaline, quirky humour, new stories, unpublished videos and backstage information from this year’s Dakar. They will get a chance to meet each member of the team in person. “The discussions were originally created at the request of fans. Gradually, the crowds grew larger and we had to keep adding seats. For us, it is now almost an obligation to drive around the country after Dakar and personally thank our fans for their support. I think social networks are fine, but nothing beats the power of meeting in person. People ask questions, shake our hands, take selfies and we can chat. For us, fans are a part of our team and we are pleased that they see it the same way and support us during the Dakar and at the discussions,” Martin Macik described. He will also use the upcoming events to inform about the project ‘Respect Road’ and highlight the most common mistakes we make behind the wheel. More than 550,000 people have already seen the videos he has made about careful overtaking, attention behind the wheel, and keeping a safe distance.

Workshops in Sedlcany come to life again

The mechanics of the Big Shock Racing team this gathered a lot of information during this year’s Dakar. Charles, Martin’s truck, which had its premiere at this year’s Dakar, is waiting to board a ferry in Jeddah to transport it to France. But once the mechanics take it over, it needs to undergo a series of adjustments under the supervision of the team’s boss, Martin Macik, Sr. “The development of racing cars moves forward every year and so it makes sense that we already have some changes in mind for Charles for the next year. We are going to work on the engine, transmission and many other things. It is also no longer a secret that we are going to build another race car, one that will move us one generation further,” Martin Macik, Sr. explained.

The Big Shock Racing team is happy with this year’s Dakar. It was again confirmed that even a private team from the Czech Republic can keep up with the biggest factory players. For the next year, Big Shock Racing will work to beat this year’s excellent results and still enjoy the racing.

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