How does the Dakar team work during lockdown and social distancing? How does Martin Macik see the development of the current situation? Will the next Dakar be different? And how is Charles doing? We bring you an interview with Martin Macik, Jr. who briefly described the latest developments in the Big Shock Racing team.

Martin, what have you been doing lately?

I’m just chilling. 🙂 No, I’m only joking, of course. I work because that is the way I am. If I don’t do anything for 10 minutes, I get nervous. On the other hand, the current situation has finally taught me to focus more on myself, my family, and just relax for a moment. But yes, I work normally, we plan for the next season and new things for our fanshop; we are already designing a new collection of clothes. We also have one surprise: a brand new project that will be out soon! 🙂 We definitely don’t get bored. I want everything to be ready so that we can get back regular team work as soon as the safety measures are lifted.

Although it is hard to plan now, how do you see further developments?

Pretty much the same as before the emergency state was announced. It will be difficult for us all. We will have to do even more than before coronavirus crisis. But we will do everything we can to get back as soon as possible. We are optimistic and we believe that everything will get back to normal soon. We are already negotiating with sponsors and discussing how to support each other. We are trying to figure out what we can do for our partners to help them and how they can support us. Health always comes first. But once the situation has calmed down, it will be necessary to revive the economy. Before the coronavirus crisis, it was really strong and thrived. Now we all are going to have to work a bit harder.

What will this year’s racing season look like according to the latest information?

We are planning testing rides in Africa in early June and also the Baja Aragon in July. These are the events that we hope will take place but cannot be sure. If neither of these takes place, we have a backup plan – announcing our new project in advance. I hope it will be exciting for fans and partners alike. I myself am looking forward to it very much. But I don’t want to reveal more yet.

So there will be some news this year?

Yes, we have heaps of ideas to expand the activities of our Big Shock Racing team, we are already working on several new projects. Everything we do, we wish to do to entertain our fans. Together we enjoy not only races and Dakar, but also ordinary events with powerful engines and lots of fun. During Dakar, people always support us a lot and we try to return this during the year. It won’t be now possible for some time, but as soon as the situation permits, I plan to resume training rides with fans in the Sedlcany valley, and present our new project and upcoming news in the talk show Obsessed with Dakar 2021. We are preparing everything to be ready. We have a lot of new stuff to come. It only depends on the possibilities. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t come up with something new again! 🙂

What’s going on at the Pilot Cafe now?

The café currently works only as a take-away establishment. When we were considering this option, we had people vote on Instagram. Our customers were definitely in favour, so we decided to go for it. Many people come and we thank them for that. They are important to us and we want to offer them good coffee, which they have nowhere else to buy in the area now, and which can be essential to start off their day well! The girls have now started baking homemade cakes, muffins and banana breads, which are always immediately gone. Of course, this is not enough to make a living out of it, but the café has not ceased to work and we will earn enough to pay at least part of the rent. Unfortunately, we still do not know when we will be able to re-open properly. But when that happens, we will be ready – we cleaned the place up, finished the decorations, improved the menu, finished the website and a lot of other things. 🙂

Are you planning any changes for the next Dakar?

Certainly not in the truck crew, they proved to be excellent, Frantisek and David will sit in the cabin with me again. Our Charles is now dismantled and all technical changes are almost complete. There will certainly be some adjustments in my preparation, however. I want to train more than last year, and not just in the truck. At the same time, we are working to bring the next Dakar to our fans better, as if they were there with us, bring them more material right from the spot. We are working on it with our general partner Big Shock!. Energy will be needed.

Do you think the next Dakar will be affected by the current situation?

I don’t think so, but anything can happen. We are only at the beginning of April and so much has happened in the last month. I hope we will be back to normal in no time, the world will shake it off and go on. Although restarting in some sectors will probably take a little longer.

Martin, do you have an Easter whip (pomlazka) already?

Every year, I used to make my own, and we even went to carol every year with a bunch of friends from secondary school. It was our tradition. This year, unfortunately, it cannot take place so I will be skipping the tradition of making an Easter whip (pomlazka).

We wish you a beautiful Easter, a lot of strength and a positive mind.