The Big Shock Racing team cannot wait for Martin Macik to test Charles, the new Iveco Dakar special constructed in Sedlcany workshops, for the first time in sharp racing pace on Baja Aragon. The race will be all the more exciting, as Charles’s twin, the second identical Iveco custom-built for Jaroslav Valtra, will also be participating in the race. Since the May tests in the Tunisian desert, Macik’s special has gone through several major adjustments, and will need to be tested in Spain. And a new crew member, mechanic David Svanda, will also make his debut here.

Improved Charles with bespectacled crew

Last year, Martin Macik was second on Baja Aragon, and he won in 2017. This time, the main goal of the Spanish mission is to test the new truck at a racing pace for the first time. Even after the May tests in Tunis, there were several adjustments made. ‘The chassis of the car has undergone the greatest change. We have already tried the improvements during the training rides in the Sedlcany valley and we will work on them during Thursday’s Spanish shakedown. But we will only be able to see the change during the first race,’Big Shock Racing team leader Martin Macik senior reported. After the desert tests, Charles’ engine was also tuned. The mechanics are continually adjusting its power and trying to find the most optimal position for the Dakar pace. A few gadgets also appeared in the cabin, where Martin Macik, together with navigator Frantisek Tomasek and a new crew member David Svanda in the mechanic seat, arrange and decorate their racing headquarters. For David, Baja Aragon will be a big premiere. Although he has participated in several races with the team including the Dakar 2019 and participated on the construction of the new truck, he will now be in the cabin for the first time as a crew member. David already has a license, determination and also new glasses. Navigator Frantisek remained the only one who did not have to visit the optician before the racing season, so he will supervise his colleagues.

Everything is just training for the Dakar

‘I enjoy Spain very much, it’s a varied, fun race where we’ll try everything. There are forests, escarpments, long pistons, and we’ve already experienced muddy surface, too. Certainly, we won’t go slow. But the main thing is training with Charles – the kilometres for me, the opportunity to detect faults on the car for the boys so that we can be 100% ready for the Dakar,’Martin Macik said. Today, the Big Shock Racing caravan arrives in Teruel, Spain, after a two-day trip interlaced with beach stops. They will temporarily set up their bivouac at the parking lot y the popular dino park. The new truck Charles arrives on a lift to eliminate the risk of traffic complications. On Thursday morning, the Czech team of Big Shock Racing will take part in the shakedown, after lunch they will have a series of technical and administrative checks, such as car documents, vin codes, driving licenses, insurance and security features. Then, on Friday, fans can start keeping their fingers crossed because the Czech crew are up for 2 racing stages, 160 and 80 km long. On Saturday, Baja Aragon racers will ride the same routes in reverse order. ‘It’s going to be hard on Charles, we’ll push him, so send him positive thoughts. As always, you can follow the course of races on our social media. We will report regularly,’Martin Macik promised.